Important Update

On May 7, 2015, the GAPSA Assembly finalized an important transition. GAPSA will no longer represent graduate students (generally, Ph.D.-seeking students and other academic graduate student programs) and will transition to representing only the professional students at the University of Minnesota. As such, GAPSA will be renamed Professional Student Government, or PSG for short. 

The extended summer grant program will continue to be implemented as if this transition did not occur; both graduate and professional students may apply for funds under our grant program. Applicants will need to provide proof of the GAPSA fee paid during the 2015 spring semester (and for events in the fall, the PSG fee assessed in fall 2015). 

If you are a professional student, please contact PSG at or visit our new website at

If you are a graduate student, you are now represented by the Council of Graduate Students (COGS). You can contact COGS at or visit COGS's website at